Job readiness and workforce development training program 

 Our  life skills enrichment training program teaches values and skills necessary to maximize one's employment opportunity. This program program provides evidence based training that impart in the participant the basic qualities required to pass the interview and become a 

dependable and highly regarded employee within the company.

The program was created to inspire self-sufficiency in individuals through motivation and inspiration so that these individuals can take personal responsibility for their own actions, their life and future. As a result people are empowered to become 

Upon going though the program an individual can expect improvement in the following areas:

  1. Self esteem
  2. Self Sufficiency
  3. Team player attitudes
  4. Technical or vocational skills
  5. Employment opportunities

The job  training program includes:

  1. Social skill training including handling peer pressure
  2. Conflict resolution and problem solving workshop
  3. Effective communication workshop
  4. Personal growth and enrichment
  5. Self awareness and interpersonal skills
  6. Character and leadership development

Youth development, leadership and empowerment workshops

The program provides support to help economically disadvantaged youth to stay focused on school and succeed post high school and trough college. With this program young people will be introduce to:

  1. Positive conflict resolution
  2. Analyzing and recognizing detrimental behaviors
  3. Time management
  4. Creative thinking
  5. Basic leadership skills
  6. Entrepreneurial skills

Universal Life Skills training

This training program was created to develop self esteem and self sufficiency trough motivation and inspiration so that participants can begin to take responsibility for their actions and change the course of their life and build successful lives.

​​​​A 501(c)(3) Non profit charitable organization