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2015 Scholarships Fundraising

In honor of the 2oth year since the passing of the Chief Dr. Ekuogbe Akpodiete 20 aspiring students will be granted a scholarship to help pay for the cost of their education. We need your help. Help us by donating and allow these young mind to fulfill their potential

2013 Scholarships

Thanks to your donations in April 2013 we were able to provide scholarships to the following amazing individuals:

  1. Going to Delta State University: Favour Emonefe, Ernest E. Igbighgho, Oghenekevwe Obofukoro, Stanley Ebakivie, Oruese Godwin, Deborah Atete, Endurance O. Edje, Kenneth Enakpoya, Lucky Asanuvwiefebomo Aghogho
  2. Going to University of Benin: Kesiena J. Ekutu, Akpobome Deniran, Oghenefejiro Umukoro, Emmanuel O. Etatuvie, Peter O. Ekavwo, Akpevweoghene J. Agah, 

In October 2013, upon verification of students registration the funds ( 100,000 nairas each) was disbursed.


The Ekuogbe Akpodiete Foundation primary goal is to serve God through providing financial scholarships to aspiring Nigerian students who are pursuing their dream of practicing law, and who exemplify the characteristics and qualities of the late Barrister Chief Dr. Ekuogbe Akpodiete.

Barrister Chief, Dr. Ekuogbe Akpodiete was a man of great honor and integrity. He was a progressive force in Nigeria who dedicated his life to upholding the rights of the underpriviledged.. He  will always be remembered and cherished for his undeniable devotion to supporting charitable causes of the Ughelli Kingdom.

In addition to having these characteristics, the aspiring students must exhibit academic excellence, activity in community related volunteerism, and altruistic leadership to be awarded the Akpodiete Foundation Scholarship.

The Akpodiete Foundation