​​​​A 501(c)(3) Non profit charitable organization

December 2012

Provideded grocery gift cards and clothing to homeless center in Rockville, MD

God is watching over all of us. His hands deliver us and save us from destruction. We believe that we are but a vessel of His Will  and that His Will is that we care for each other and support each other in time of need. Elohim Ministries International, Inc. is only a vehicle to allow us to demonstrate His Love..

We invite you to participate in this noble endeavor. 

Participate through your cash tax deductible donation

Participate through your donation in clothing, school supplies and equipments

Participate through volunteering your time or expertise

Any donation is greatly appreciated.

April 2013

Provided clothing and household items to dozens of Nigerian families


  • ​Clothing and food to homeless shelters and the disadvantaged.

  • School supplies to families in need in Washington DC metropolitan area
  • Scholarship aid to aspiring college students in Washington, DC metropolitan area and Nigeria

About us

Since its founding in 2007, Elohim Ministries International, Inc. has empowered, nurtured and provided training and resources to help communities across the United States and Nigeria overcome challenges and regain hope.

Brenda Akpodiete, Elohim Ministries International, Inc., founder and executive director is driven by compassion coupled with the passion to help  people discover their godly purpose and giving them the training to achieve it.

This passion is the driving force behind Elohim Ministries International, Inc. actions in the communities it serves. 

Elohim Ministries International, Inc. has been providing services to the communities in Washington DC metropolitan area and in Nigeria since its inception in 2007. Here are some of the services we have provided and continue to provide:

Actions & Services

Elohim Ministries International, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose vision is to minister to the needs of the economically disadvantaged youth and adults. We provide food, clothing, school supplies in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and in Nigeria, West Africa. Because we believe that lack of financial means should not hinder the growth of anyone, we also through the Ekuo Akpodiete Foundation we also provide scholarship funds to provide financially disadvantaged young men and women an opportunity to continue their education.

​Our Mission

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Provided scholarships to students in Nigeria to continue their studies